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wish list

Item                                                                                 Estimated Cost

Multi-media system (basement)                                            $4000

Sign lighting (upgraded)                                                              $300

Sanctuary facelift (new lighting)                             $7000-$8000

Central air conditioning                                       $16,500-$18,000

Access control/burglar system                               $2500-$3500

Pew cushions                                                                                 $4400

AV system expansion                                                                 $2500

One of the ways we worship is through our tithes and offerings, thanking the Lord for what He has entrusted to our stewardship and investing in an effort that is larger than what we could accomplish alone. These offerings go toward the needs of the church body, community, missionaries, and general upkeep of the property on which God has allowed us to worship. 

Throughout the years, we encounter items that will improve the longevity, security, and comfort of this property. If you are looking to donate toward a specific item, we have provided this wish list for you to prayerfully consider. God bless you as you trust His leading of your finances. 

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