Swisshelm Park Primitive Methodist Church

To know Jesus Christ and make Him known

Pastor and His Family

From left to right:

Christa, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Pastor Dennis Handley

Trustee Board

Bill Gregory

Anne Samuelson

Ron Mann: President

Janice Hoener: Vice President

Yonna Rowntree: Secretary


Gayle Mann

Missions Secretary/Treasurer

Hope Clark and J.R. Caughron

Sunday School Teachers

Dennis Handley: Youth

J.R. Caughron: Children

Hope Clark: Senior Adults

Anne Samuelson: Sunday School Superintendent

Christa Handley: Adults

Sacramental Stewards

Hope Clark and Nicole Checchio


J.R. Caughron and Elizabeth Handley

Pastoral Relations Committee

Paul George 

Marcia Gregory

Janice Hoener

Yonna Rowntree